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The sovereign sexual woman code

I am a Sovereign Sexual Woman.

I do not have to explain or defend my choices.

I am not here to rescue, heal or save anybody.

Nor do I need saving, healing or rescuing by anyone.

I do not enable or make excuses for a man’s shadow behaviour.

I see it and respond with compassion and clarity.

My love is fierce and starts with me.

I am willing to have uncomfortable conversations to remain true.

I am willing to feel uncomfortable feelings to become whole.

I see the man who is there, not the man I want him to be

I choose from self-awareness and self-fulfilment, but never from lack or need.

I have no fear of rejection, because I know I’ve always got me.

I never give to get and am fully open to receive without needing to reciprocate.

I own my desire without apology or limitation.

I adore my body and revel in my sensuality.

There is no shame, nor secrets or lies in this temple.

I do not play games with my energy. There is no trading or manipulation here.

I am neither shielded, nor indiscriminately available.

I am open to life, but not to all comers.

My body, energy and yoni only open to a full inner yes. To presence, love and honouring.

And I am at choice to close again at any time.

I welcome my light and dark. I welcome all of me into awareness.

I cleanse and heal my womb space.

I honour my blood and cyclicity.

I recognise my beauty - at every age.

I celebrate my multi-dimensional orgasmicness.

I love my emotions.

I value my wisdom.

I have no need to control - whether overtly (through micro-managing and critique) or covertly (through withholding my truth and people-pleasing).

I trust myself and cultivate safety in my body and field.

I am gloriously unique & have no need to compare or compete with anybody else.

I give myself permission to express my authentic self at all times.

I am free. I am wild, I am alive. I am open.

I bow to the sacred union of masculine and feminine within.

I am self-fulfilled.

I am radiant.

I am Sovereign Sexual Woman.

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