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Your soul-purposed blossoming !

Hey there You!

I'd like to check in with you about your why for being here.

What turns you on, what lights you up, what gets you excited, what calls to your soul in terms of your reason for being here right now at this time on Earth?

Goddess knows we are experiencing an unprecedented time of social, political and spiritual shift, which is forcing these kinds of questions to the fore.

It seems we can continue to bury our heads in the sand or start asking ourselves some pretty confronting questions, that may either feel liberating, scarey or perhaps both.

Almost 20 years ago, I stopped following the path of my logical mind, that thought it had things all figured out and started listening to the call of my soul.

It didn't make for an easy or conventional path. It didn't make me rich. It wasn't always comfortable or easy.

But somewhere deep down inside, even in the moments, when I struggled and would have done anything to avoid the pain I was feeling, I remained committed.

When the outline for the Awakening Shakti Mentorship Programme first came to me about 8 years ago, what I most fervently desired to be was a Master Teacher of the Awakened Feminine, like my teacher at the time: the late and incomparable Shakti Malan

I wasn't called Shakti Sundari at the time and felt pretty far from the mastery and completeness of Divine Feminine essence she so magnificently embodied.

All I knew was to keep following the call of my soul: putting one foot in front of the other, committing to my daily practices, studying, teaching, exploring, messing up, hurting and healing.

I wasn't following a master-plan or rational sequence of steps that made "sense". I was following my heart. A longing for God, Truth and Love. And a passion for sharing these teachings of whole-bodied spirituality and ecstatic aliveness.

Teaching, practising, reading, studying, diving into and out of loverships.

Revelling in the learnings and expansion. Accumulating. Seeking. Experiencing over and again the clash between the teachings and my capacity to live them!

Which forced me, once again, to go back inside. For the wisdom to percolate. The practices to settle. The knowing to become embodied. Clearing out and letting go, so as to make space for more of my essence and gifts to shine through.

This morning, as I re-capped what has unfolded for me since I downloaded the 9 pillars of Awakening Shakti all those years ago, I suddenly realised that I've unwittingly stepped into the shoes of the one I wanted to be:

  • from Seeker to Teacher

  • from Spiritual Consumer to Spiritual Creatrix

  • from Love Addict to Priestess of Love

  • from an External to an Internal Focus

  • from Intellectual Understanding to Rooted Embodiment

All the many body-mind-spirit modalities I've trained in and taught incrementally synthesised and integrated. Magical creations birthed out of this surrender to my soul's call and life's flow.

  • Dancing the Goddess

  • Shakti Yoga &

I had no idea these offerings would come through me. I never set out with that intention. But here we are.

And it is this soul-purposed blossoming I have witnessed in so many of the Awakening Shakti graduates as a result of their stepping into this sacred, alchemical container. This moves me so. This is my WHY. Supporting women to unfurl, heal, release and re-member themselves as the Divine, Radiant and Potent beings they are.

Because each and every awakened woman is a blessing to existence. And a catalyst to the creation of our New Earth.

Be assured, your sexual and spiritual awakening shakes up all of you. The cosmic joke is that it's not even really about sex as you know it. Your sexual energy is your SHAKTI. And Her movement is to AWAKEN and REVEAL the true you.

My former self would probably be looking at me now seeing that Master Teacher she ached to be embodied. I, in turn, am looking back at her with so much love.

We were already always one, but it is beautiful to feel our merger in the heart.

The journey of clearing, integration and mastery is, of course, ongoing. We are all eternal students and teachers in life. And yet here I am stepping up to humbly serve, holding both emptiness and a powerful authority within my being.

If you are called to join the Awakening Shakti 9-month Mentorship journey,there is still time to enquire and discuss.

We start this Sunday, January 17th, 2021. Message me for more.

With love and a whole-hearted wish for your soul's blossoming,



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