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For far too long, emotions have been wrapped in shame, denial and judgement.

In the patriarchal belief system, which has dominated our planet for centuries, emotion has been seen as women’s work and labelled as dark, crazy and weak.

We’ve defaulted into becoming the “emotional labourers” for our families and societies at the same time as feeling pressure to repress, hide or modify our emotions to be loved.

For most of us, nobody has modelled or taught us how to welcome, feel and process our emotions in a mature and healthy way.

Which means that our emotional energy and expression can wreak havoc in our and other’s lives, leaking out unconsciously in the form of manipulation, passive aggression or rage, or imploding inwards - destructively impacting our mental and physical health.

When our emotions are unacknowledged or repressed, so is our sexual energy and capacity for authentic connection and bodily pleasure. We lose vitality and literally manifest the shut -down energy in our physiology and posture.

When we step onto the path of awakening, whatever has been repressed will surface.

Our wounds will get triggered like never before: an effect currently heightened by the rapid evolutionary pressure of external events.

If we judge the feelings that come up for us as wrong, try to control, fix or resolve them with logic (a typically patriarchal response) or don’t have the capacity to meet and navigate what arises, we may resort to:

  • by-passing our feelings, hence blocking our breakthroughs and entrenching rigidity and contraction into the body-mind

  • projecting out our shadows and blaming others for our feelings, hence disrupting relationships

  • emotional collapse, illness and/or instability, hence staying stuck and sabotaging our potential

None of which work to actually relieve or change our situation.

Which is why welcoming our emotions and learning how to alchemise them is FUNDAMENTAL TO OUR AWAKENING – sexually and spiritually.

There is nothing shameful about this. It’s both loving and supremely heroic.

If we want the world to change, this is where the change begins.

It’s high time emotion was reclaimed from the shadows and re-cast from wild, dark villainess to valiant, truth-speaking Goddess: here to infuse our lives with infinite colour, creative power, ecstatic pleasure and unshakeable well-being.

Let HER be welcome in our midst as our teacher, guide and ever-shifting current of radiant aliveness.

On Sunday, 25th July, I am hosting an Emotional Alchemy Day Retreat, 10am-5pm UK time. The retreat will be held online via Zoom. Please message me for more details.

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