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Tantra isn't all about sex you know

There's a big misconception out there, that Tantra is all about sex.

Which attracts some and repels others.

In reality it's about self-realisation.

Inner union.

Embodied awakening.

Which IS erotic.

Just not necessarily in the way people who think Tantra is all about sex imagine.

Sure. Explore Tantra and your sex and relating will exponentially improve.

Because it means you have to be in your body AND aware. Which are keys to heightened pleasure and connection.

But the fact is that anything at all can be experienced tantrically.

Meaning any facet of life can be known as ecstatic.

And any facet of life can impinge upon your sexual experience.

In fact, it typcially does.

Sexual issues are mostly rooted in our unconscious stuff: wounds, traumas, resentments, stresses, conditioning.

Which are coded into the body and mind.

There is no separation.

So whether we start there or venture into explicitly sexual territory, we will be meeting aspects of your psyche and embodiment that appear to be in no way directly sexual, but when encountered with presence and/or energy catalyse healing, integration and expansion.

That makes all of life more pleasurable. Orgasmic even.

Partnered or not.

Whilst simultaneously revealing more of your true nature.

This requires your willingness to be real and vulnerable. To feel and reveal. You can't hide for long.

It's a path of radical soul growth. Not for the faint-hearted.

But a luscious invitation for all who just know there is more - so much more - to life, s*x and love, than surface and survival.

My calling is to embody and walk this path ever deeper, sharing as I go.

If you wish to taste this path of RAPTURE for yourself, there are several ways I can support you:

  1. my monthly online RAPTURE Study Group for women, Wednesdays, 7-9pm GMT

  2. my monthly online TANTRIC TEMPLE for men & women, Wednesdays, 7-9pm GMT

  3. my TASTE of RAPTURE self-study course

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