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The Lie

The opening chapter in my forthcoming book RAPTURE: A Guide to Sexual & Spiritual Awakening for Women, is titled

"Everything you've been taught is a lie."

These same lies are what the entire collective is waking up from right now.

They are the lies that conceal your power, pleasure, freedom, wisdom and divinity from you.

And here's what they tell you:

* sex and spirit are separate * body + emotions and mind are separate * masculine & feminine are separate, and * only one half of these polarities (spirit, mind, masculine) is important and good.

Which leads to the beliefs such as:

* sex is sinful * the body is shameful * emotions are weak & annoying * the feminine is of less value * God is a man in the sky

Which, in turn, manifests a world in which women are:

* judging and comparing their bodies * ashamed of their sexuality and alienated from their desire * either repressing, hiding, barfing or utterly overwhelmed by their feelings * crippled by a sense of being less than/perfectionism * trying to be "good" and looking outside themselves for God

But the thing is:

- the body and her cycles are the portal to pleasure, feminine spiritual gifts & wisdom

sex and sensuality are an essential expression of feminine divinity & a gateway to spiritual awakening

- emotions are messengers from the soul & a pure and intelligent movement of life-force -Shakti - energy.

If we repress, deny, shame or hide emotion, we repress Her, avoid receiving Her gifts, dull sensation & disconnect from our inner guidance system. Making us less real, less sensitive and less vital. Cut off from our expanded sensual pleasure & spiritual awareness.

- believing we are "less than" inhibits us from fulfilling our potential & denies the infinite power we embody as Shakti

- when we try to be good, we get down on ourselves with guilt, give our power away by people-pleasing, chase an impossible goal, act to get approval from the external & over-ride our true impulse. We are inauthentic & tamed. Out of touch with the real wild woman!

- when we believe God is outside or above us, we are blind to the divinity within and below us: in our bodies and our sex, as well as on the earth and all of nature and Her creatures.

Through all of this we are separated and split from our true nature,

from our God self from our power from our flow from our authenticity from our pleasure from our hearts from our sovereignty from our potential from our ecstasy

And from experiencing the oneness of life.

RAPTURE - both the book and accompanying course take you on a journey of release and reclamation of all that has been lost and denied, so that we may stand on the earth whole again.

Radiant, pulsing with divine intelligence, empleasured, wild, wise and free !

Join my book launch on Saturday, October 9th, 2021 for all the fun of prizes, classes, music, readings and more! (Link to book launch group here).

And head on over to the RAPTURE web-page to find out more about the next course, starting October 28th 2021

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Rose Garrett
Rose Garrett
Oct 02, 2021

Love this !

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